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As I get feedback from those interested in running the pet store, I will improve the installation. For now, here are some notes to point you in the right direction.


See KnownPlatforms to learn about different places I've run the SchemePetStore.



Prep work

  • Grab the latest siscweb distribution from http://siscweb.sourceforge.net
  • Grab the source code for the pet store from the DownloadSource page
  • Grap the postgresql JDBC driver from http://jdbc.postgresql.org/download.html
  • Setup the Tomcat server container
  • Make sure that both Tomcat and the siscweb demos work
  • Unpack the pet store source code. I moved the scheme_pet_store directory to $TOMCAT_ROOT/webapps/sps. Let's call this $SPS_ROOT


The Database

  • Get a version of postgresql running
  • Edit the Makefile in the $SPS_ROOT/db directory
  • With your postgresql server running, type make create-db and then make load-db. Cross fingers. Find errors, mail them to BenSimon
  • You should review the .sql files in this directory, and confirm that the database was indeed populated with sample data


The Web Application

  • Edit $SPS_ROOT/sps.xml file, making sure the correct database connection info is in there
  • Copy $SPS_ROOT/sps.xml to $TOMCAT_ROOT/conf/Catalina/localhost/sps.xml
  • Edit $SPS_ROOT/WEB-INF/web.xml so that it has your correct server host name present
  • Copy sisc-heap.jar, sisc-lib.jar, sisc-opt.jar, sisc.jar and siscweb.jar into $SPS_ROOT/WEB-INF/lib from the siscweb distribution
  • Copy the JDBC jar file into $TOMCAT_ROOT/common/lib/
  • Start up tomcat
  • Visit http://your-server/sps/do/store to see the store application

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